Monday, July 18, 2011

Mark's Luck Strikes Again or the Tale of the Zebra Guitar from Seabreeze

I've mentioned how Mark (younger son) has this wierd luck, both good and bad- it struck again yesterday. We were at Seabreeze amusement park near my sister Babby's house in Rochester. Mark, Babby, and I wandered into the arcade. We laughed when we saw they had guitars as prizes (electric and accoustic) at 4000 tickets each. I mean, no one ever wins 4000 tickets. All three of us played some games, and after spending about $12, we had 500 tickets (and that's a lot- we struck some 'jackpots'), so we were happy with that. Mark decided to spend $5 more of his own money before we moved on. He saw a game where there were big tickets worth 4000 individual tickets as prizes. He shrugged and said, "Might as well try it." He put his 50 cents in, and .... you got it... first try, wins the 4000 tickets. Even as he was winning them, we kept saying, "Nah, it can't be this easy. Maybe you have to win multiple times to get the 'big' prize." I guess not...

The funniest moment was walking the big ticket up to the two attendants (one teen boy and one teen girl) and ordering up a guitar.
Girl: "Really? Cool!! No one's EVER won that."
Boy: "I've been here three years and no one's ever gotten enough tickets for a guitar. Which game?"
Mark: "Stackers" (I think that was the name)
Boy: "I play that game every day and I've never won."
Mark: *grins*
The boy had to call the manager to see if he should just take the guitar down from display or if there were others in the back.
Mark tried the game for the rest of his $5 worth of change and came within one step of winning three more times, but never did.
He now has a zebra striped guitar. How many guitars does this make? Um... six... maybe... something like that.
Oh, and he has four new youtube videos up. For a sampling, go here and here.