Monday, November 1, 2010

Why, oh why?

What I'm reading: Sala's Gift
What I'm writing: I finished the first draft of Gods Willing yesterday and will begin my nano novel: In the Shadow of Olympus today.
What I'm knitting: Double-knit mittens

Why is it we tend to get snow on Halloween more often than not? It didn't stick around, but still... those poor little trick-or-treaters!

Mark got his first pair of glasses on Saturday, now hopefully they help his headaches.

November 1st! Nanowrimo starts today!


  1. Today was the first really chilly day here. We haven't had any snow yet, but I'm itching to break in my new peacoat. *G*
    I love Mark's glasses. You can tell him that I looked at his pic, and barely noticed them, they complemented his face so well. Good pick.
    I'm looking at your green lawn and am itching to plant a decorative herb garden there for you to look at. Maybe a lavender labyrinth. Lovely.
    Re:knitting. Have you ever seen a pattern for fingerless gloves? I love the look of long bell sleeves on coats, but you rarely find anything that fitted and long. I'd love to get something with no fingers, just covering the knuckles and maybe a sleeve for the thumb. I think that's rather Victorian, but Steampunk style is making that acceptable again, lol. I've seen some lacy ones, but that's too girly. I guess they'd be the equivalent of hand spats, lol.

    I haven't started my Nano fic yet. I volunteered to beta for someone last second. Way to put myself first. yayyyy....

  2. Bk7,
    I've already gotten to the point where Mark doesn't look right without his glasses. LOL

    There are a lot of fingerless glove patterns floating about the 'net lately - they seem to be an 'in' thing. But a lot of the patterns I've looked at end up really being fingerless mittens - much easier to knit, I suppose. Though they still call them 'gloves' - yes, little things like that bother me.