Friday, September 9, 2011

My desktop background photo: Saturn!

I don't take my computer background photos lightly. In fact, both my work and home computers still have the generic desktop background they came with, until today.

Why? Because an image has to really strike me for me to want to see it every day (and at work - for hours and hours every day).

I used to have a photo of our beloved Marnie dog on my home computer (it was Marnie photographed from behind, sitting and looking out a window.. awww). And for a time I had a photo I had taken of the White House at dusk on my work computer (nothing to do with patriotism, really, the color and shadows were just gorgeous).

But in a news article today, I saw this:

and it literally took my breath away.

This is the planet Saturn. The photo is of its dark side, taken by the Cassini Robotic Orbiter.

It will now grace both my computers.

I just couldn't NOT share this image...

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