Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dieting... dieting

So I really need to lose some weight. Really.

Years ago I lost weight on a low-carb diet and kept it off for a few years. I found in the long run it's not sustainable (for me, at least... and I wonder if it really is for anyone). But after years of false starts and failures, I figured I'd give it another try.

Three weeks ago, I started Atkins. I lasted two weeks. My food choices were so limited. I could have meats, non-starchy veg (I love my starchy veg!), small amounts of cheese, and ... and... ummm. Atkins bars/shakes. Yeah. Not so much. And I was hit with migraines. Ugh.

Soooo... this week (read: yesterday) I started on the Spark People website. It's a free website with lots of great trackers (nutrition, fitness, weight). I'm encouraged to eat healthy and count those darned calories, but that's okay. That's what I should be doing. So far it seems like a nice community.

After tracking my nutrition yesterday, I was impressed by the graphs and charts and suggestions I got. (You can see them below).

I like the graphs and the trackers and the accountability they give me. And speaking of accountability - I plan on updating here each week to say how I'm doing. So, if I don't post about my weight loss, you'll know I'm not doing well. :(

If anyone wants to join me, just let me know what your Spark People name is and I'll friend you on the site.


  1. Good for you! I'm sorry the Atkins didn't work well. Have you tried another low-glycemic index diet? My sister's doctor gave her one that lists all the foods you can eat. There are few carbs at first, but once you reach a goal, you can start to ease them back in to help you eat like a human needs to. It was low-fat and low carb, btw. Atkins allows a lot of fat (do they still? Or do they have different plans for high and low fat?) My sister's included 8 0z of non-fat Greek yogurt, certain berries, a single low-fat baby bell cheese, egg whites, hummus, any green veggies except peas, etc. I tried it for 6 weeks and my mind just went on vacation. I didn't write at all during that time, although I lost 10 pounds. I found it easy, especially since I combined different items into tasty recipes. Ultimately, I had to give it up since I couldn't afford all the proteins and fresh veg. Rather depressing.
    Now, I try to limit carbs, and eat as much protein and veg as I can. But I'm also walking a lot more.
    Good for you on getting in 6 miles this week! And, yeah, you want your muscles to feel like they've been tested after you work out, or they won't have to rebuild.
    All this said, I walked a lot this week, but I bought Ben & Jerry's today. What? It was on a huge sale, and I'm craving fat and sugar and salt right now. I don't do that everyday, thank goodness. I haven't bought ice cream since last summer, I think.
    Very cool graphs. I always like to hear that a site has support. Keep up the good work. I"ll look for your updates!

  2. Atkins is trying to join the wave of low-carb diets that allow veg, but they don't reccommend going low fat. With my cholesterol history, though, I tried to make it low fat.

    I had sworn I'd never do low carb again, because I really don't see it as sustainable, but I got worn down finally and tried. It's just not for me.

    I think for me, for anything to work long-term, I can't have tons of restrictions on what I eat. That's why it makes the most sense for me to eat what I want, but stay in a certain calorie range. Spark people is helping me do that. It makes me more aware of what I'm eating and steers me toward healthier foods because they are often more filling with less calories.

    I weigh myself again tomorrow. As long as I see the scale inching downward, I'll be happy.

    I have actually never had Ben and Jerry's - no reason why, I guess, other than I don't eat much ice cream.

    1. B&J is the best ice cream I've ever had, even better than Haagen Dazs. HD does a great mango sorbet, and B&J's best, for me, is pistachio. They have some amazing flavors. *drools like Homer Simpson*

      I went to a nutritionist for about six months. I learned a couple of good things:
      1- Eat a rainbow every day. Pick out veggies that represent the full variety of colors in the rainbow for your plate. They don't have to all be on one plate for every meal, but try to cover the rainbow in the course of a day. And white = white onions and mushrooms, not potato, lol. Every color has its own beneficial phytochemical that goes with it, and eating red, yellow and white onions counts as different colors! Easy.
      2) She told me that when she plans dinner every day, she first thinks about what three or four veg to cook, then the protein, then a tiny carb serving like teeny baked potatoes or a small spoon of pasta. I try to do that whenever I can, even when I go out to a restaurant. When I eat with no-carb Frank, he orders a steak and three veggie sides, maybe a salad before, and that's it. I never miss the rolls or potato when I eat with him. Breakfast with him is the same: a veggie and cheese omelet, tomato instead of toast and potato, sides of sausage or bacon, and I never miss the toast. Well-seasoned food helps. Frank's Hot Sauce also boosts the flavor experience.
      You know where I fall down the most? I miss honey in my tea. Sometimes just the sweetness of the milk doesn't do it, and I have the honey.
      I use Frank as my good food role model. I have nutritional knowledge, but he has the willpower and actually puts it into practice. I want some of that!

    2. Jon is the ice cream conniseur at our house. He really likes Schwann's chocolate, but we're not home on many Saturdays to meet them at the door to get it. *sigh*

      I find of all the carbs, potatos are what I miss most when I try to do without them. So, now I'm not doing without them. But, while the guys were having fries the other night, I had a small baked potato with fat-free cream cheese. Yum.

  3. Baked potato: yummy choice! I love the cream cheese idea. Sometimes I'll put peanut butter on it for a heavier dose of protein.

    Good idea to dodge the ice cream bullet by not being home, lol. Is this the frozen food delivery truck you've mentioned?
    Speaking of local delicacies, I was in a great new grocery store yesterday, and they had a vast collection of cheeses. I asked if they had Rat Trap Cheddar from Vermont and Upstate NY. They didn't, although they've heard of it; they don't carry it because it is so perishable. I had some on a trip to VT a few years ago, and it was so strong, but SOOOO tasty. The Truck Driver Cheddar is even older, and tastes like burning rubber, LOL. Still, I can't believe I liked it. I love that there are local delicacies in the world. Makes me want to travel and taste all the things.