Tuesday, March 6, 2012

2012 Afghan

I finished my afghan for this year's county fair. It's baby/lap sized and was a challenging pattern. In fact, there are forums on the web devoted to knitters helping each other out with this one.

Anyway, in the photos, you'll see a green seed stitch border- I added that to the pattern as well as a little green decorative stitching in the body of the afghan. I don't think the photos can do it justice, but the pattern has trees with crossing branches, a flower garden, and a leaf border.

I won second place at the fair last year - maybe this one will put me in first. *crosses fingers*


  1. Oh, WOW! You're right, the pics don't do it justice. I want to zoom in and look at all that gorgeous detail.
    Do you think the judges are already aware of how notoriously difficult this pattern is? If not, maybe you should include a little info card or something.
    Someday, when I have a home of my own, I have to commission a bigger version of this from you.
    I bet you win! When is the fair?


  2. Jeanette,
    Yeah, the patterns on white didn't photograph well.

    I don't even know whe the judges are, so it may be that they're people who never picked up a knitting needle. The only thing I'm allowed to put with the afghan for judging is the tag they give me. Ah well.

    Bigger version - Of course!
    The fair isn't until late July - so I'll pack the afghan away for now.

    I plan on entering a scarf as well- most likely the same pattern as the one I made for you. I bought a skein of the same black yarn I knit yours with, but then last night I found a pretty multi-color wool. I may knit a scarf with each and then decide which one gets entered.