Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekly Diet Update

I hate to call this a 'diet' update because I'm trying to change my lifestyle, not be on a diet. Amy's Weekly State of Health? LOL

Last week I lost five pounds. I walked a total of six miles and ate less than 1500 calories/day.

Last night, I bit the bullet, stopped giving our Total Gym the stink eye, and began resistance training. I thought I pushed myself, but my muscles don't really feel it this morning. I'll have to go a little harder later this week.



  1. Five pounds! That's great! Go for it on that Total Gym.
    Are you walking on a treadmill or outdoors? I was wondering what your roads are like now, snowy or whatnot.

  2. Hey J,
    I'm walking outdoors once in a while, around the office on occasion, and on the treadmill as well. It's pretty much whenever the opportunity arises.

    We got very little snow this year. Our lawn is bare, but squishy....

    1. Hey! I finally got notifications of your replies! Wow! Now I'm paranoid about how, since it never asked for my email. *looks around nervously*

      I've been hovering around a decade mark on the scale. I'm trying to drop down into the next zone and break that barrier. I've put on some muscle lately, so I hope that's why I haven't moved south too fast, but I'd really like to lose ten pounds before my b'day in April. That's just a start of a loooong path.

      Ha - squishy lawn. So good for you to vary your walking surface. It keeps the challenge fresh for your muscles, having to balance for different environments.

    2. Notifications: I finally figured out how to have them sent automatically. You'll get notifications now when I post and when anyone comments (you're pretty much the only one who does). If you ever want me to take you off notifications, just let me know.

      Muscle= all good. You don't mind trading a few pounds for more muscle. So much better for your body.